3 John 4 (ESV):

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Joni, being the oldest of my biological daughters, is named after my mother Jo Anne. Her name means “God is gracious,” or “God’s gracious gift.” Joni has a smile that lights up the room! We are so blessed to have her living in our home. Joni is gifted in working with both children and the elderly, and she blesses others through her singing and encouragement. She also has a servant spirit and loves helping people. She’s always involved in helping others at church and working with the children in children’s church. Joni has completed Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, a 15 week long course on missions that the Lord used to change her parent’s lives. We’re excited to see how the Lord will use Joni for His glory in the world of mission in the future! Currently, she volunteers with the Hila Sewing Project in childcare.

Joni has been really sick, and we are trusting the Lord to make her well. She’s done a little better the past two days after being able to see the right doctor, so please keep her in your prayers! Due to having chronic inflammation from Rheumatoid Arthritis, other illnesses become more complicated. We are trusting in God’s goodness and grace through these illnesses, and we are reminded to pray for other young adults who are also ill.

One of the things about Joni that I admire the most is her sweet and gentle spirit. Another is her creative ability. She always comes up with great ideas for working with children-things I would never think of. She’s also extremely easy going and easy to please. These traits make her a delight to be around. Since she’s been so under the weather, I wanted to remind her today how much we love her and how blessed we are that she is our daughter! We love you Joni!


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