Psalm 127: (NLT):

Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.

We love all of our children, and we are so thankful for each of them. If you had asked us even five years ago if we would have a daughter from Saudi Arabia, we would have told you you were crazy! Saudi Arabia was the land of Arabian Nights, Aladdin, and the Arabian dance in the Nutcracker. It was a mythical place to me. In 2012, God had other plans. We became involved with international students through VCU’s Global Education Department. We were partnered with Fatimah, and a few short months later we became her American parents. I’d have a picture above, but she has just had her wisdom teeth removed and is recovering! Thus, I’ve settled for the beautiful flowers she brought me on Monday night when we got to enjoy time with her on the eve of the election. It’s hard to believe she is already a senior at VCU and will graduating next year with a major in finance. During our time together, we’ve learned a lot about Islam and Middle-Eastern culture, and she’s learned a lot about Christianity and Western culture. We don’t try to change each other; rather, we just learn from each other and fellowship as family. Please pray for Fatimah during her senior year. Pray that the Lord will guide her path and provide for her as she graduates.

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