Psalm 33:5 (ESV):

He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.

On Monday, I was selected to serve on the jury of Commonwealth of Virginia VS Lamare Jennings. The case-a murder trial. The victim-Leaudrey Salmon. The sentence was rendered a little before 8:00 PM Wednesday evening, and we got to go home. Some thoughts about this experience in no specific order:

  • Our God loves justice and created government for our good.
  • Democracy is a good process, and those involved in the process have tremendous responsibilities.
  • I’m grateful for first responders and court officials.
  • 911 is a valuable service.
  • It’s not everyday you get to be on the jury for a murder trial.
  • Murder is a horrific and heinous act.
  • The defendant, Lamare Jennings, needs our prayers. He needs forgiveness, the love of Jesus, and a relationship with Him.
  • The victim’s family and friends need our prayers. They are distraught, especially the victim’s 16-year old daughter Julia. Pray for them to be able to forgive and to heal and to know the comfort and love of the Holy Spirit. I’m thankful they have a pastor by their side during this time.
  • I was blessed to serve with amazing jury members. I was praying for unity amongst us and that we would have wisdom in making decisions. God answered my prayers, and I’m grateful.
  • Thank you to all who knew I was sitting on the jury and didn’t ask questions!
  • Below are links if you are interested in the trial:


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