1 Peter 4:9 (NLT):

Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.

Monday we went shopping with two beautiful Afghani women to prepare for the Hila Celebration Dinner Tuesday evening. Muslims are one of the most hospitable cultures you will find. In fact, all I have met from Middle Eastern/Asian cultures are like this. Each time I pick up one of the ladies at their home, I am offered food, drink, and fellowship. Such generous hospitality paves the way for building wonderful relationships.

Below are highlights and things learned during our shopping spree at Restaurant Depot, Walmart, Taj Halal, another Walmart, and Mediterranean Bakery & Deli:

  • It’s cold in a freezer! We enjoyed wearing bright yellow jackets from Restaurant Depot. I’d share pictures but many Muslim women don’t use Facebook and we respect that!
  • Lamb-it comes in a lot of shapes, sizes, and prices! Supper of the Lamb by the late Robert Farrar Capon and Chapter 1: Lamb for Eight Persons Four Times has new meaning after buying lamb to feed 40-50 people!
  • Baklava requires a special type of butter found only in international stores.
  • Cooking Qabuli Palao (Afghan Lamb Pilaf) and baklava take much longer than one hour!
  • We were blessed to meet hospitable people throughout the day:
    • The men working in the meat cooler at Restaurant Depot
    • Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church who allowed us to go in front of him at Restaurant Depot. We had a wonderful conversation!
    • Owner of Taj Halal who bought back the excess meat we purchased at Restaurant Depot
    • Walmart employee from Bosnia who helped us find a long stick for rolling out baklava
    • Owner of Mediterranean Bakery & Deli who told us about the right type of filo dough and butter to use for baklava
    • Husbands of these beautiful women who helped translate via at least a dozen phone calls throughout the day!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!


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