Jeremiah 5:22 (NIV):

22 Should you not fear me?” declares the Lord.
    “Should you not tremble in my presence?
I made the sand a boundary for the sea,
    an everlasting barrier it cannot cross.
The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail;
    they may roar, but they cannot cross it.

The picture above shows the bits of shell and sand where I found my sharks teeth, and very small sharks teeth I might add. I’m amazed each time when I find one amongst all the minuscule pieces of shell and sand. I can’t help but think about God during my times of searching. I’m reminded that:

  • Our God so great sees someone like me so small.
  • The God who set the boundaries for the oceans is more powerful than the mighty roaring of the waves crashing on the shore.
  • I can be in a personal relationship with the creator God of the universe because of Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • Just as the shells are so diverse on the seashore, so are the nations that God has created to worship Him.
  • God cares so much about the lost who don’t know him that He leaves the 99 sheep in the fold to pursue the one lost sheep.
  • I can trust more fully in the amazing God who created the sea and all that is in it and in the One who stills the wind and the waves.
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