Morning Devotions


Each morning Monday-Friday, we have devotion and prayer time. On Monday-Thursday, we read another Chapter in the Bible from whichever book we are currently reading. On Friday, we discuss and pray for current events. I really enjoy these times. As an intern, we are responsible for choosing a region in the world to focus on for current events for the semester. I have chosen Europe.

But back to devotion and prayer time. I have really grown as a person because of this devotion and prayer time. It wasn’t until I joined World Horizons that I truly just how much the Bible is one continual story, and not just 66 separate books. I heard the phrase “One story” from Bob Sjogren when Brad and I took Perspectives, but the reality of how much God’s plan for the nations is revealed from Genesis to Revelation didn’t sink in until I started studying each morning with our family at work. Right now, we are studying the book of Acts, and today we read Acts 7. It’s amazing to me how much the New Testament authors knew the Old Testament so keenly and referred to it so frequently in their writings. My view of God is bigger now, and for this I’m grateful!



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