The 2016 Fall Internship has begun, and Brad and I get to be a part of it! We are excited, a bit overwhelmed, but mostly thankful for the opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through World Horizons USA and Hillside Missions Organization. Brad and I are a bit unique in that we are guinea pigs because we are the first staff members to go through the internship. Usually, the process is reversed-become an intern, then join the staff! We’re just doing it backwards! So, over the age of 50 (well, for Brad, it’s almost 60!) we start a new beginning!

Why this new beginning you might ask? Because we want to be better equipped to show others the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ as He has shown to us. Brad and I are still newbies in the world of mission and we have much to learn. Will we end up overseas? The current plan is to stay here and help build permanency in the US office, while at the same time continuing to welcome refugee families and international students. The internship will better equip us to do both!

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