Our Ministry!

Hi All!

This is the first of our monthly newsletters, something the staff here at World Horizons/Hillside Missions is beginning each month. Brad and I want to keep our friends and family members updated on events in our lives and how the Lord is working to make his great name among the nations.

To begin with, Brad and I felt a call to missions about a year ago. We wanted to help support our local church with a short-term mission trip. When we talked with our mission’s pastor,he suggested we first take a 16-week course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Truly, this class changed our lives. We became aware of God’s desire to have his glory spread among all the nations of the world and for all the nations to worship him. The Lord has allowed us to meet many new friends and has totally transformed our lives.

In September 2013, Brad and I made the decision for me to begin working solely with a mission’s organization in downtown Richmond, VA. Our ministry is actually two organizations working together. Hillside Missions is our training program. We have a nine-month internship, where people come and live above our office space in apartments and train to be sent to the mission field long-term. Currently, we are training six interns ages 16-22. In the fall, we look forward to training a wonderful woman over the age of fifty who is from Mexico! Our program is growing! The organization is World Horizons, where we currently have 425 missionaries from 39 nationalities serving in the world in 25 different countries. The front space of our office serves as one of Richmond’s local art galleries. We use art to open doors for mission and to share the love of Jesus Christ! Our gallery’s name is Edit: an art gallery for good! My role on staff is helping with the finances. I keep the books and send the missionaries their support checks (called grants) each month. I’m delighted and privileged to serve in this manner. All of us who work here serve strictly on a volunteer basis; no one collects a paycheck! We either work other part-time jobs or receive support from family, friends, and churches. Brad and I are delighted to be hosting a couple, Carlos & Nora Lara, from Guatemala who also serve on staff. Carlos is a pastor, and both Carlos & Nora have served as missionaries both in Belize and here in the states. 

Currently, I’m working a three-day week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I’m staying home with Brad on Tuesdays and Thursdays! With Brad’s “bad” legs, he is having more difficulty being up and about for long periods. His ministry is serving in the choir; however, with the gradual downward progression of his legs, serving is becoming more difficult. Please keep him in your payers!

Last, through our community connections, we have been blessed to get to know internationals in our community. Specifically, we enjoy fellowship with a family of students attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) from Saudi Arabia. We’ve been “adopted” into this marvelous family and consider a wonderful, young woman named Fatimah to be our daughter! I also help tutor a student from Nepal who was part of the massive influx of refugees from Bhutan/Nepal. Through these beautiful people and diverse cultures, we see the mighty hand of our amazing and awesome God at work in and through lives!

Well, that’s about all for this month! It’s a start! Thank you all for your prayers! Take care and many abundant blessings be added to you!

Brad & Lynn


                                      Office Staff


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